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  • 8 May 2023
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I have been wondering for a while about how NS decides new train routes/connections.
For example, in Purmerend, I have noticed that there are 3 train stations but unfortunately there are not too many trains towards say Amsterdam Zuid/Amsterdam Centraal/Bijlmer/Utrecht etc. I really wish I could take a train to go to work every day or at least to reach a bigger connection (like Zuid/Centraal/Schiphol) quickly without so many transfers between Bus and Metro services across cities.
It’s a pity that many like myself cannot make use any of the train stations available in my city to get around conveniently.

So, my question is - how does this actually work? 
Is it possible to make a suggestion/request for more connections like that? I’m sure if there was one, many more passengers would use it for their daily commute.


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These connections are probably planned years in advance. ProRail and NS are really focused on major corridors right now: the Intercity’s running from Enkhuizen and Alkmaar come together in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, ensuring a connection to Utrecht six times  an hour. You can see the same happening on corridors such as Schiphol – The Hague Rotterdam and Schiphol – Utrecht – Arnhem. Railway infrastructure around Weesp and Amsterdam Zuid will also be upgraded to allow for more trains, and for international trains to run from Amsterdam Zuid.

The problem with Purmerend is that it has many busses running to Amsterdam from almost every neighbourhood. Apparently, policy makers in the Amsterdam area think that’s enough, as most people apparently travel there.

Years ago, the all-stations service between Enkhuizen and Amsterdam Central was changed to Hoorn – Schiphol to relieve the congested Amsterdam Central station and to use the new train viaduct bypassing the main station building of Amsterdam Sloterdijk. That means that pUrmerend has a direct link to Schiphol. A direct connection to Amsterdam Zuid is not possible, as there is no infrastructure to run trains from Amsterdam Lelylaan to Amsterdam Zuid. I doubt that will ever happen, as that would cannibalize  the GVB metro 50. If you travel often on that line, you can see that line 50 is heavily used between Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Lelylaan stations to Amsterdam Zuid station.

Keep in mind that most people want a direct public transportation link, no matter how convenient transfers are made. During weekdays, Purmerend to Amsterdam Central and Utrecht Central can be done by train with a two-minute change of trains in Zaandam.

Recently, several rush hour Intercity’s have started stopping at Purmerend. So who knows what that means in the future.