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  • 5 January 2022
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Hello,I travel between Gouda and De Lier. From next week (January 10, 2022), the reisplanner shows me that no travel advice is found for this route. I get a travel plan until Friday (January 7) but after that my planner shows nothing. I know the last part of the journey is being changed from next week. Instead of bus 32, there will be bus 455 along that route. However, I cannot find the schedule of that bus anywhere. I have checked on as well as 9292. Does anyone have any ideas?


Beste antwoord door bahnrider 5 January 2022, 12:37

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You can find the timetable for bus 455 on this page.

Although you can plan a journey in the NS app that includes a bus, tram or metro ride, this data is not actually managed by NS. The information for bus, tram and metro rides comes from 9292. You might want to contact them to find out why no travel advice is given for next week. Once they have resolved their issue, the NS app will work properly again as well.

At the 9th of January, the local bus operator EBS changes its timetable. It seems the new schedule hasn't been added to yet. However, bus 455 will continue to run between Zoetermeer and De Lier. You can view the timetable on

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and also at near the same times as now (except very late evenings or other times when noone travels), so not worries. There are plans to ´stretch´ this line and remove the detour via the village and make a stop along the main road instead, but that will take time to finish. Thats what they do with all R-buslines.

First time ever I see someone ask about this village in ´westland´

As you may have noted a little off that road is also a tiny village named ´ ´t Woudt´

@bahnrider you seem to recognise the place and the line so I will ask you further :)

I go to work near the place, that’s why I asked about it, I also never knew it existed before honestly. The problem is that I have seen the new route already but it doesn’t make it clear if all the old stops of line 32 are maintained. The document that some people linked above misses stops that I’m sure the 455 will stop at. However, the stop I need isn’t listed and I’m not sure it will continue to exist since it is quite remote. But yeah, just wanted to know if anyone knows if all the old stops will be retained. Thanks a lot for your help.

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Timetables only mention important stops on the route to prevent the tables from becoming very long. Here you can see all the stops of bus 455. Indeed, it will stop at the same bus stops as bus 32.

@Tochjo thanks so much! I found this page a few days ago but I guess it wasn’t updated yet. Well this is a relief, thanks so much!!:grin: