Sprinter 5717 (Weesp) - Naarden Bussum - Hilversum - Utrecht

  • 29 August 2023
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Dear NS, I find it very strange that Sprinter 5717 departs from Naarden Bussum. And not from Schiphol Airport, Duivendrecht or even from Weesp. The result is that unfortunately I cannot leave Weesp that early. Is there perhaps a reason for this?


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This likely is related to where the rolling stock is parked overnight. The capacity at Hoofddorp is very limited, so it wouldn't surprise me it's actually coming from Lelystad and thus Naarden-Bussum is the first station where it can start.

NS trains may come a surprisingly long way prior to their first passenger service of the day. (I know of trains starting in Dordrecht which came empty from The Hague as a random example from the past)