Bad Responds From NS Costomer Service

  • 18 June 2024
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I traveled from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Arnhem Central.

I did check in with my abodemen card. In the train, a workers did checked with their mechine but my card could not be detected. I have explained that I have checked in. But the workers didnt trust me. The workers gave me “boete” 69,60 euro. After I arrived in Arnhem Central, I did check out with my card. I went directly to NS service office in the station Arnhem central and I explained to the worker there. He checked on the computer that I have already checked in en out. And they tried my card is a bitt deffect. So I have asked OV costomer service to have a new card. 

And today I got letter for “boete”.  I called the NS service but they push me to pay the “boete”. 
It is not fair that I have to pay “boete” and I have already abodement and paid every month.  And also I have checked in and out. This is very bad costomer service from NS!

2 reacties

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Hi F. C. Prabowo and welcome to the NS Community! 

I am sorry to read that you have been fined due to a faulty OV-card. Unfortunately, I cannot help you through this way. This is a traveler-helps-traveler community. If you can prove that you have checked in and out, our customer service can help you with this. If you haven't checked in, unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it.

Reputatie 6

 Unfortunately, I cannot help you through this way. This is a traveler-helps-traveler community

Hier staat de uitleg hoe je een correctietarief / boete kan herstellen naar de werkelijke ritprijs: