lack of payment due to Corona

  • 3 January 2022
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I am currently in my country and I was tested positive for Covid 19. I am feeling pretty sick and I cannot go back to Netherlands. I have an outstanding Factuur of 68 euro, I work as a horeca manager but with a zero hour contract, so I am not receiving any income at the moment. What can I do since I cannot pay this factuur until I can go back to Netherlands and start working again.


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Hi Sofia Sosa, and welcome to the NS Community.

First of all I want to send you all of my well wishes. May your recovery be speedy and smooth!

Concerning your invoice, that is indeed quite a predicament. Unfortunately it's not possible to delay an invoice indefinitely, but it can be slowed down at least a little bit. For this you can contact Customer Service, and ask for a payment arrangement. It might be possible to chop up the amount in more bite sized pieces, so you can pay a little bit at a time.

I hope this offers at least some relief.