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  • 25 April 2023
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Hello, Dear NS lost and found team, I lost my item on Sunday 23rd of April and I had a flight on Monday Morning 24th April. My item was found and if it is possible either My friend should come (who will be in Amsterdam Wednesday till Sunday 26-30 ) or it should be sent to Georgia if you do.

What should I do who Should I contact - the mail which says my item was found is noreply and it only says this: 

[We helpen u graag verder. Kijk op of stel uw vraag op de NS Community ( U kunt ook contact opnemen met NS Klantenservice ( We staan dag en nacht voor u klaar.]

as I understand on google translate it is help only


Beste antwoord door Jelmar 25 April 2023, 08:53

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Dear Tamazi,


In the contact form in the link below there is also the possibility to chat or make a call with the customerservice. This page is in english.


Good luck.