Open a claim for a bicycle stolen from a fietsenstallingen

  • 5 April 2023
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I am trying to open a claim for my bicycle that was stolen from a fietsenstallingen but I cannot find a link on the website. Can someone help me find the link to open this claim?


Beste antwoord door Aurora NS 5 April 2023, 12:49

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@Aurora NS Could you share more information about sending all the files digitally when a bike is stolen? Thank you 

Welcome to the NS Community, DBart.

What a shame your bike was stolen from one of our facilities. 
If you want to file a claim you can send us the following pieces:

  • Proof your bike was in fact parked in one of our facilities.
  • Proof of purchase of your bike.
  • The two original and identical bike keys.
  • A copy of the police report that you filed.

You can send these per post to the following address:

NS Klantenservice
Postbus 2572
3500GN Utrecht

It's also possible to send these in digitally. In that case please contact Customer Service.