payment NS card without the reference number

  • 6 March 2023
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Hi Good Day! 

I would like to ask. I paid my NS monthly subscription but I deposited it in your bank account and forgot to write down the reference number. I called many times and they said I need to send a screenshot of payment as a proof that it was my payment through your customer service chatbox but there’s no an option for me to attach files or sending image. Is there anyway you can help me for this? 

Thank you so much and really appreciated your help. 


Beste antwoord door Stijn NS 7 March 2023, 11:49

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Good morning Jenn29 and welcome to the NS Community.

This Community is not a mailing platform for our Customer Service, unfortunately. It's a public Community mainly meant for travellers to help each other.

For your issue, contact with our Customer Service is needed. If a screenshot of the payment is required, you would indeed need to contact via a textbased channel. You should be able to send images via our Chat service, but if that doesn't work you can also contact us by sending a private message on Facebook or Twitter. On this page you can find all their contact details.