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  • 20 March 2024
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Hello. I lost my wallet at the train, but luckily NS found it and returned to me. According to the letter that i received, they found 17euro in my wallet so they will transfer to my account number which i paid shipping costs. But I didn’t pay any shipping cost so do i need to tell my bank account? I want my money back. Also there was my country ID card in wallet, manager said it will go to my country embassy or be destroyed. I want to know what happend to my ID and What should i do to get my ID card back.


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All found ID cards are destroyed, even passports. It is the Dutch law. You will not have it back.

Probably you will have to pay the shipping costs, then NS knows the number of your bank account and they will return the € 17. It is what I suppose, as they may not know your number.