Mobile app’s wrong date software problem

  • 30 April 2022
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I will write English please reply to me in English 

First of all your mobile app have a lot of somewhere problem which I face a couple of time one time I had the risk to die abused because of your mobile app's ticketing problem.


This time I have problem that looks like the previous time. 28 April  I bought the ticket to Amsterdam central to Middelburg but then when I was moving to the train station then I notice that the date was wrong. Your mobile app set my ticket for 29 April but I did not put this date the ticked. And I called customer service I wait 30 minutes but no one did not answer. I have to buy one more ticket to save myself not sleeping outside and I bought it. The new ticked number which your mobile app made me to buy it. Eventually, the first time I bought ticked which is wrong and made me stressed during my travel I was the victim that this time. I paid two time for noting it made me stressful  and it took my time. I am in my exam week every weeks day i have exam and i am student i do not have too much money and time. I just find the time to report it. I called your customer service and they told me that i should send the message via app to refund the first ticket money which i was not able to use. Even to day again i bought the ticked but you guys did not send my ticked i have to call service again at least since now i am safe. 


Previous time i have same kind-of problem and at least they refund my ticked money.



please solve my grievance

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Hey M.meh1397et1923. Welcome to the NS Community.

I've removed any personal data you've put in your post. It's not a good idea to post that publicly. Besides that, Robert B has given the right answer here. Your best option is to contact our Customer Service to see what can be done for you.