NS exposes passengers to losses

  • 7 December 2022
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NS system made a mistake when I used my OV.
NS informed me that they will fix that error BUT ONLY AFTER 30 DAYS!  In this way, I wasted both time and money!

5 reacties

Welcome to our NS Community, stepek. Do you mean customer service corrected your missed check-in or -out and they informed you it will be in your bank account within 30 days? This is usually much faster, but we are obligated to hold onto the 30 days, because there could be a delay.

You are right with the above description of my situation.  But does that mean I HAVE TO WAIT THOSE 30 DAYS?  Why?  We live in the age of digitization!

Basically we book the to be refunded amount into our system and they still need to be approved and actually transferred. This can take up to one week, like I said it's usually much faster, so keep an eye on your bank account.

You are not serious and unreasonable in giving such advice.  "I've been keeping an eye on my bank account" for nearly two weeks!

still nothing thieves!!!