Refund taxi fare caused be system malfunctioning

  • 5 June 2023
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Yesterday (Sunday 04/06/2023) there was a system failure in several trains around 20:00, which forced me, after one hour of waiting, to take a taxi to return home (67€). I've tried to ask for the refund of the fare on the customer-service website but I haven't found a procedure for this kind of cases. The most similar case has been “Refund for delay ” but there it doesn't let me specify the problem nor the amount to be refunded.


Any support will be welcome.


Beste antwoord door Erryt NS 5 June 2023, 13:59

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Hello JoseGG, welcome at our community,



Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how we will handle such claims and how you can submit them. Hopefully there willb e more information about this.

Hi @Erryt NS ,


Is there any news in this regard?

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Hi JoseGG,

Yes, there is. On this page you can find all related information.