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  • 3 April 2022
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I was travelling back from Den Haag to Amsterdam in 03/04/2022 where the big outage happened. I bought a train ticket for my wife and I, however I could only find a way to ask for reimburse of travels that are on my chipkaart. Any pointers how will I get my money back? (I also think, the regional buses we had to take to get home will be super expensive, we spent hours after hours on them, but god forbid we would get compensated for that)


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With a chipcard you can travel on regio-buses for roughly same-often less-amount per KM as trains.

You can claim the money for ticket back-I was also hit yesterday and stood in a Q where many people immediately got money back for tickets bought at den Haag CS. There is-as NS likes to do everything online-also an online claim somewhere on its site.

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We regret the situation. I would like to advice you to contact our customer service team via Live-Chat, Facebook or Twitter. In this way you can immediately send us proof of the costs incurred.