• 21 October 2021
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I got a fine (boete) and I don't know what the problem is? 


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It's most likely you checked in at an Arriva gate and not at an NS gate just as I already mentioned in my very first answer. When the conductor inspected your ticket he then noticed that you had no check in for NS.

The screenshot clearly shows a check-in at Heerenveen with NS (there is no Arriva in Heerenveen)

So why did the conductor give you a fine (plus a card to pass the gates at Leeuwarden without having to check out)?

If you check-in at Leeuwarden via an Arriva gate, travel to Heerenveen and then try there to check out it's registered as a check-in because you weren't checked in before at Leeuwarden.

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I think Tamzin has stated the right answer. Topicstarter checked in at a Arriva-gate at Leeuwarden station.

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Ah, right that explains it.

@samiyosefnl can then get €10 back from Arriva as well, see and fill in Leeuwarden - Leeuwarden (no travel) for the Arriva check-in.

Contact NS Customer Service for the €20 deducted at Heerenveen, and the €50 surcharge of your fine back.