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Face Masks in NS trains

  • 25 November 2021
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Unfortunately, face-mask usage is hardly enforced on trains of NS. While Holland is sending ICU patients to Germany, a quarter of the passengers either do not wear a face mask at all or wear is improperly, e.g. without covering their nose.

In addition to the health risks this brings, people may no longer feel safe on trains and choose alternative means of travel, such as rental cars or motorcycles, at the cost of climate efforts.

It would be great if the NS would start with a more vigilant enforcement and maybe also think maybe about positive incentives, such as giving a small voucher to every 1000th customer who wears an FFP2 mask.

Thank you for your consideration.

2 reacties

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You might as well ask the cat.

This problem has been highlighted numerous times and so far NS has not shown the slightest interest in enforcing the rules. Sad but true.

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When a quarter of the passengers either do not wear a face mask at all or wear it improperly, still very few people get infected in public transport. The real high-risk area is your home…. (over 50%) or your workplace (around 10%). Public transport… around 0,2%, which means that out of the over 20.000 people that are tested positive a day, only 40 or so would be infected in public transport. Over 1.000.000 people are using public transport every day. Not a bad score...