• 7 April 2023
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I got a fine of 50 euros + 8.80 euros for the ticket, a long time passed and I didn't pay the fine because I couldn't find the ticket. I found him after 2 months. I would like to pay it as soon as possible, I do not know how to do it because I am in the Netherlands for the first time and I do not know Dutch and English. please help me

3 reacties

Hello tomash, welcome at our community,


The best thing to do is to reach our customer service. My colleague can tell you if it is still possible to pay and give you all the details.

I was at the railway station with a mandate to ask what should I do and I got a piece of paper with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of carriers in the Netherlands, it didn't help me, the gentleman who works at the NS customer service point at the railway station gave me my account number in NS, I don't know what should I do with it... I would like to pay this fine already so as not to pay more for it... I am asking foum members for help in how I should pay this fine. last time i went without a ticket... ehh..

How did you pay it?