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  • 21 June 2023
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Hi I usually travel from Bussum Zuid to Barneveld Noord through Amersfoort Central and yesterday(20th June) while returning back from work place I forgot check out check in from blue train to NS and meanwhile we had a ticket collector. I realised that when he checked and informed the same to him, he mentioned I can check out in Bussum Zuid and it will be corrected without any issues.

But in the late evening yesterday I got an email about 50 euros fine.

I request refund of the amount other than my travel expense in that route yesterday.

You can check my history and this is the regular route and I just missed checkin/checkout but you can also look at my route access.


Beste antwoord door Lorena NS 21 June 2023, 13:12

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Hi Mounica Kusampudi and welcome to the NS Community! 

I'm sorry to read that you got this fine! We can't help you with this on the Community. Please contact our customer service so they can have a look to your request.