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  • 3 February 2023
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Hi I'm traveling with a group of cyclists at the end of April and will be traveling from Den Haag to Groningen on the train during off peak times.

There will be 16 of us so i have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone will be able to answer.

We will be purchasing passenger group ticket and bike tickets. As the passenger group ticket only allow up to 7 people I'm going to have to but 3 lots of group tickets, a 6 per group ticket and two 5 person group tickets. My question is do all three group tickets need separate lead passengers or can i have all the tickets emailed to me


My other question is I'm hoping that there will be enough space throughout the train to allow all 16 of our bikes onboard. Does anyone know the capacity of bikes allowed on the intercity trains


Many thanks




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Group tickets have the name of each passenger on each seperate ticket, so you can't have the same lead passenger for each group ticket. 

However, entering the same email address multiple times is possible. So you can have all tickets emailed to yourself.

Space for 16 bikes is unlikely however: ICM stock has one bike area per trainset which has place for about 3 bikes, but trains with four trainsets coupled are almost non existent. The other stock on this route is DDZ which has slightly more space for bikes AFAIK, but 16 will be a challenge.