I want to understand NS train announcement

  • 3 June 2023
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I am an expat living in Netherlands for more than a year, every time I take the train I couldn't understand well the announcement on the train, including the incident - why it stopped and what's next.

Do you perhaps have any suggestions or tips on how I can practice this listening better? I tried to find some material on the internet but didn't have sufficient information ... Will appreciate a lot if there are ways I can improve my listening in Nederlands!

3 reacties

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The only solution is to start learning Dutch.

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Did you try language videos on Youtube already? For example EasyDutch allows you to listen to the Dutch language with English subtitles.

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I'm afraid the best way is by learning more Dutch. This is because a conductor does not use standard phrases, which means that each incident can be announced in many different ways.


To get you started, here are phases/words that are often used:

  • Het volgende station is …  = The next station is …
  • U kunt hier overstappen voor … = You can change here for ...
  • Deze trein rijdt (helaas) niet verder. = This train will (unfortunately) not continue.
  • We staan even stil voor/vanwege een rood sein. = We are briefly stopped because of a red signal.
  • Defecte / vertraagde trein voor ons. = Broken down/delayed train in front of us.
  • Seinstoring = signal failure
  • Wissel storing = switch failure
  • Aanrijding = accident
  • Even geduld alstublieft. = Please be patient.
  • Vertrekt over enkele / vijf / tien minuten. = Leaves in a couple of / five / ten minutes.