IC train - no toilet available

  • 21 November 2021
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Where to complain? I am in the train to Amsterdam Centraal, IC 2158. There are 2 toilets out of which both are out of order! This is unacceptable. Who is managing that?

6 reacties

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You could try https://www.facebook.com/hagorailservices or https://twitter.com/hagorailservice but most likely the toilets are out of order because the bioreactor is full, or for some other valid reason like no water.

Good morning Similarien. Welcome to the NS Community.

My apologies for the inconvenience. As Robert B stated the toilets must have been inaccessible due to valid reasons. That doesn't make it right, of course.

I've notified the janitorial services.

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The choice is mostly: NO train at all or a train with defects. You make the choice!?

@Bahnrider: the Intercity The Hague |Central - Amsterdam Central usually runs with two train sets during peak hours. So during peak hours, a traveller needing the toilet will need to use the toilet in the other train set (which can obviously only be reached when a train has stopped at a station). During off-peak hours, NS ccould use another train set which has a working toilet.

This happens to me a lot also between The Hague and Schiedam and to make matters worse when I leave The Hague or arrive at Schiedam in the morning they're still cleaning the toilets so you can't go there either. Toilets are a real pain in the ass, literarlly. Often doors malfunction so they don't open at all or just a bit having you to squeeze yourself inside, all while people are watching you. Shameful situations making it less pleasant to travel by train, which to my knowledge is promoted by the government to reduce travelling by car.

All the toilets defects again, happen very often now!

Alle toiletten defect/op slot Vlissingen-Amsterdam treinstel 8670 van V11:16 Middelburg, 1 maart 2023

Conductrice vertelde dat einde van de ‘bak’ ook een toilet was, liep met mij maar die was ook defect.

Dat drukknop design toilet is vaak defect. Trein uitgestapt in Bergen op Zoom en op de volgende gewacht. Wouter Koolmees, Marianne Rintel jullie hoppen sneller van functie dan de problemen zijn opgelost!