informatie about my facturen

Hi all,

my name is Mohammed Mahdi,

today I got my facturen for the last month but I see 2 times ( reis zonder check in ) which is unclear for me!!? Because I never got to a train without check in) ? 
could you please support me with some information on this problem?


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Good afternoon Mahdi123 and welcome to the NS Community!

As Tochjo mentioned, it could be that may have checked in with a different operator. I would advise to contact our Customer Service. My colleagues can take a look at what exactly happened and perhaps correct it too. You can reach them by phone (030-7515155), via Twitter and Facebook, or you can start a chat conversation (option 'Chat with NS').

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At some train stations, where multiple train operators run trains, there are different gates or poles for each operator. Did you perhaps check in at a wrong gate or pole?