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  • 5 January 2024
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Hi! I received an email from NS informing me they had found my lost item and that it is in the lost and found property. Is it compulsory for it to be sent to me or can I pick it up somewhere? thank you


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Good evening zicocc, Welcome to the NS Community!

Usually, found objects are kept in storage at the station at which they are handed in for the first five days, free of charge. If your item is among these, you will receive notification from us about where and when you can come and collect it. You can only collect the item upon showing your identification and the reference number we have provided. It is not possible to collect items from some stations. If this is the case, we will inform you about how you can receive your item. 

After five days, items are sent to the Central Lost and Found Desk. Once your item has arrived there, we can only send it to you. This costs at least € 15.

You can find this information on our website: Lost and found items | Customer Service | NS.

You can, of course, contact our customer service department for information about your item. 088 672 11 05

Hello, please I lost my shopping bag containing a Timberland denim pants, green long sleeve shirt and a pouch at platform 6 at 16:04

yesterday while waitng for “Amsterdam Bejilmar Arena to Gouda train”!

I have filled an online form tagged “Customer number: 30218841 / Our reference: 5259882873” and below is also the exact location perhaps your CCTV can pick something! 

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Good afternoon Detayo. Welcome to the NS Community.

Sadly we can't help you with this here, if you've already filled in the form, you're on the right track. You can call our customer service's lost and found department to see if they've already found it, but beyond that, it's a waiting game.

Many thanks @Daniël NS please share customer service number of lost and found department.


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Telefoon: +31307515155