Lost luggage 24-07-22

  • 29 July 2022
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Good day everyone,

This Sunday I tried to board the train Schiphol-Breda and long story short, my luggage was on the train when it left but I was not.

I reported it right away to NS and created alerts on ILost but so far nothing. It's about an old, big red leather suitcase and a big blue travel bag, both have a tag from Schiphol airport with my name on it. 

I called NS Yesterday, they say it has not turned up yet ; Is there any chance someone on that trainmight have seen them or what happened with them ?

Any help would be very appreciated at this point !


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Good morning Bendal and welcome to our Community!


Sorry to read you've lost your luggage! I understand you already made a report about this situation, but to no avail.

I do recommend keeping in touch with customer service about this. Unfortunately, we can't handle lost and found requests on this community :(. I hope you get reunited with your belongings soon!