Same station check-in and out, ask for refund

  • 6 October 2023
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I am student from Tilburg, but I moved to Breda last week. And that is how I became a frequent user of NS.
Last morning, I went to the station to go to Tilburg to have my class.
I was in a rush, and unfortunately i went onboard to a train heading to the opposite direction. When i noticed it had been too late. The train brought me to Rotterdam eventually. (see picture 1, my chat with my group member)
Then i checked the route guidance on 9292. the fastest one they suggested was like firstly travel from Rotterdam to Breda, and then wait for some minutes, travel from Breda to Tilburg university station. (see picture 2, road guidance, it should arrived in Tilburg University at 10:08)
I followed the route guidance, because i wanted to arrive in the class before the class was ended. 
However, after i arrived in Breda, the train from Breda to Tilburg university is canceled, which means i had got to wait for 30 minutes to take another one, (see picture 3, the one which would arrive at 10:08 got canceled) because i still had obligation in the afternoon.
Because i didn’t have breakfast so i checked out to the AH of the station to get a chocolate (see picture 4 & 5). I didn’t know we were not allowed check in and out in the same station when time lag is more than 1 hour, actually i even didn’t consider too much about where i was at that time.
Right now i found i was charged 20 euro for that, i think i should not be fined (the most essential should be the perfered train was canceled suddenly), and now i am trying to ask for a refund.



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Hello k.jiang, Welcome at our community,


I would like to advice you to reach our customer service. My colleague can help you further with this request.