• 22 October 2022
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Hi, I had a strange situation in train yesterday. I have a subscription NS Flex Dal Vrij, so I can take a 3 person to travel with samenreiskorting. But when I used it yesterday to travel with one person with me and personal from train check this ticket, he said what we can't have a two tickets with discount and one of us must to have a full ticket. So we must to buy a new one full ticket to travel with this train and I don't understand why, if I have a abonament for it? And a problem is now I have two ticket from yesterday for person whose travelled with me: one with discount and one full. Do we buy right ticket Samenreiskorting? It was at 19:15 in train and I travelled from 's Hertogenbosch to Sittard 


Beste antwoord door Robert B 22 October 2022, 15:40

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Welcome to the NS Community!

Dal Vrij entitles you to take 3 others with you at 40% discount during off-peak hours.

Apparently, you bought a 40% discount ticket for the other person? That should be sufficient when travelling at 19:15

It also seems strange that the conductor made you buy a full fare ticket, because if anything was wrong your fellow traveller would get a €50 fine.

Contact NS Customer Service (phone, chat) to have it sorted out.

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You can only take someone with you with Samenreiskorting if you checked in with the OV-chipcard that has your season ticket on it. I wonder if you did this, since you mention travelling with one other person and having two tickets with discount. This also makes me wonder if you actually have the Dal Vrij season ticket, since you would then not have to buy a discount ticket for yourself, but could travel for free. Did you perhaps mean Dal Voordeel?