Stuk in a train

  • 14 June 2022
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Good day!  We got stuck in a train on the hilversum at the depot, which was leaving from Utrecht Central Station at 11.12.

3 reacties

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Send WhatsApp message to NS Safety & Service 

They will react fast 



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This train consisted of two sets. In Utrecht they separated. Only one of the sets went back to Hilversum, the other one left to the depot.

Same thing happened to me once. I managed to contact the train driver and together we walked back to the station.

Hopefully you'll be ‘rescued’ soon.

Hi there Viktoriia Semeniv and welcome to our Community!


That sounds like an unpleasant surprise! Mib their suggestion is a very good one, as it guarantees that you will be in contact with someone very quickly. Another option is to call our customer service. Will you keep us posted?