Train ticket date change - Due to Strike action

  • 14 March 2023
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I am looking to change my train tickets that I purchased for April 3rd, due to possible strike action mentioned on your website. I would like to change to April 2 or April 4, to avoid disruptions. I am looking for a refund if I cannot change the ticket, so that I can rebook if possible. Please note, my only reason to change the date is to avoid travel disruptions due to the planned strike. I have already downloaded the NS app and downloaded my tickets. 

Can you help me? Thanks!


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Those trains are operated by NS and SNCB (Belgian Railways). They won’t be affected by the strike action. 

One of the best sources for this kind of information is this community. 😀

That is great to hear, thank you very much for your help and answers!

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What is your journey? If you only travel by NS trains your journey won’t be affected by the strike action. 

NS are under a completely different collective bargain than the other operators.

Hi iMark, thank you for such a fast response. 

My destination is from Amsterdam Central to Brussel Centraal, I believe the intercity train. I am not sure if this is an NS train or not. Sorry, not sure where I can find this out (Iam from Canada). The ticket days IC direct.