• 17 December 2023
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Good morning, 

I already cancelled my account a month ago (account:; Relatienummer: x; Ons Kenmerk: x), because I've not been living in the Netherlands since September, and I'm still being charged for the seasonal ticket, which I'm not using anymore. I tried to log in my account, and as I cancelled it, but I couldn't, so I tried to create a new account with this same email address in case I can solve the problem from there, but it's still not working. I don't want to be charged more and I don't know how to solve it, 


thank you. 



Beste antwoord door Tomas NS 17 December 2023, 11:44

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Hi Natalia Alomar and welcome to our Community.

Please contact customer service by phone, chat or social media to have them take a look at this. This is a public Community where travellers help other travellers.

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You can change the subscription to Flex basis. Otherwise you have to contact the customerservice to delete Flex Dal Voordeel. Tell thrm you are not to able to go to an NSticketmachine, because you are no longer in the Netherlands.

What do you mean by "I already cancelled my account a month ago"?

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Maybe you cancelled your Mijn NS-account, but that doesn't cancel any subscriptions you have.
Contact Customer Service, as stated above.