Money did not debited successful from bank account due to insuffcient balance

  • 12 November 2023
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Last month, the NS did not debit my travelling fees from my bank account successfully due to insufficient balance. Then they sent an email to me and provided the link to pay. But i accidentally ignored that email and did not pay in time. Now the link has expired and I have not pay. I have some membership in NS and I still want to use them. How should I do?


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There will be a second reminder after some days. Pay at once the way they provide and you can still go on using your subscription. After a little more than a month after your initial day you had to pay, the subscription will be canceled. NS is quite strict when payment is overdue.

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The second reminder will be a letter, so make sure your address is correct.


Another (final) e-mail reminder will be sent about two weeks later, which needs to be paid within 5 days. After that, a collection agency will handle it with a 40 euro surcharge.

You can also pay manually to NS GROEP NL14 ABNA 0576 8506 75 mentioning your customer number or invoice number/reference.

I accidentally transfered money to NS GROEP NL14 ABNA 0576 8506 75. How can I refund?

Hello Titas, welcome at our community,


What exactly do you mean? Did you transfer a wrong amount or did you mention a wrong invoice or costumer number?

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The number ending in 75 is for NS Flex payments but if you mentioned an invoice or customer number in your manual payment, it will sort itself out.