NS - App : Missed check-out although done correctly

  • 20 August 2023
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Fellow traintravellers,

yesterday I traveled from Den Haag Centraal (check in location NS) to Zwolle. Unfortunately, I forgot to exit the train and traveled further to Assen, where I took the next NS train back to Zwolle. 

At Zwolle, I checked out properly from NS as usual and transfered to Blauwnet.

Surprisingly, NS-App now says I forgot to check out and that I am still checked in with NS. In contraction to that, shows that I've done it correctly (see attached images).

Is this a bug? How can that be? Did the IT somehow got confused by me traveling forth and back between Zwolle and Assen? Or is there sth. I have done wrong?

Customer-service assumed I check - out incorrectly with Blauwnet at Zwolle, which I think is technically impossible when being checked - in elsewhere, and adviced me to wait till Wednesday.

Regardless of that I wanted to ask the community as well on this issue. Can't afford no fine or anything ✌️



Beste antwoord door Tochjo 20 August 2023, 13:56

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The information in the NS app (and Mijn NS) is not updated in real time. I experience what you're seeing now too every now and then. No need to worry, it's clear from the information at that you’ve done nothing wrong. The information in the app should update in a few days. You won't be charged extra.

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@Tochjo Thx dude, that answer definitely calms me down.

Although, as a non-IT person, I do wonder how this error in detail came to be or what speaks against real-time processing of travel information with regard to the presumably little amount of information that needs to be processed. 

And regarding real-time processing once more, I have the "check-in/out" notification on, isn't that real-time? Doesn't that indicate that NS knows right away when I have checked in & out?


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Rest assured.

Transactions at NS gates/poles should be processed almost real-time but with NS Flex it’s a well known issue that delays can occur (up to a few weeks even!). Eventually, the ‘problem’ will resolve itself.

TLS/OV-chipkaart has the most up-to-date info (as shown in your screenshot) but sends transactions to NS overnight, at least for the Blauwnet transactions.

I assume your Mijn NS info now shows the check-out at Hengelo. If not, it should at least show Zwolle. In that case, wait another day or two and the 20:48 Blauwnet check-out should show.

Regarding the notifications, don’t expect too much 😥 I know cases where somebody who checked in at Utrecht Centraal (with NS of course) got three notifications about a forgotten check-out before they (he/she) even reached the platform and boarded a train!

Those notifications seem to be related to (GPS) location information, and inside a building like Utrecht Centraal (or a tunnel like Schiphol Airport) your phone will either show erroneous info or have no idea where you actually are.

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@Robert B 

My NS - App still shows exactly the same regarding check-in/out status. Guess sth. went wrong on their end, I'll just wait like proposed!

Regarding notifications, I have not activated the "missed check-out" option in the first place, because I was already expecting the issues you are describing.

My point was just to say that the app is in real-time to a certain degree in contradiction to what @Tochjo said.

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My point was just to say that the app is in real-time to a certain degree in contradiction to what @Tochjo said.

To a certain degree, sure, but I’ve had a situation where I looked at the app a few minutes after walking onto the platform to see if I hadn’t forgotten to check in, and the check-in wasn’t there yet, although it turned out I had actually checked in. It seems unreliable at best.

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@Tochjo @Robert B

Data was processed properly after all.