personal ns-business in connection with my ns and/or my-ns zakelijk

  • 28 January 2023
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Hi there, I had a personal ns-card for a while and recently my employer gave me a ns-business card; I think it is ‘personal’ since it has my name on it. Can I add that card to my-ns or do I need a separate my-ns zakelijk account?

Assuming it is the second option, I found a text which says that I should have received and email with a link to proceed further, but I have not. Then the webpage says I should send an email and ask for the link again, but there is no email address specified as where I should sen an email to.

Can you please bring some clarifications?

Thank you in advance.



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Good afternoon Gul and welcome to the NS Community.

If it is indeed an NS Business card, you will have to use the Mijn NS Business account for that as well. You cannot manage a business card with a personal Mijn NS account.

For the rest of the questions I'm afraid I can't help you. I would suggest contacting the NS Business Customer Service, which can be reached via 030-300 1111, but perhaps there are other members that have experience with the business account that can help.