• 11 September 2023
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HI. I was traveling from amsterdam to aachen,I bought inappropriate ticket. so i get fine 50 euro + 5.4. They asked where i was living in aachen and post code. I gave it to them, They did’t tell me how to pay. now i figure out that check  what to pay will come to my house. but main problem is that i am renting this flat and going back to my home in 1 week and it is outside of EU. so how can i pay it or what have to do, I don’t want to have problems coming back to EU zone. 


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Hello alex282, welcome at our community,


I'm sorry you did got a fine. If you have not received the fine by the time you have moved you may reach our customer service. My colleagues can give you the right IBAN and the reference number so you can make the payment online.

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Dont toss your UVBtje out. The yellow ticket with the QR code you got. Also if its your first time ask for lenience for the 50 EUR.

You get a get out of jail card once in your life for that so you should only have to pay the 5eur something. IF it is your first time.