Error by NS Company requesting funds

  • 7 November 2023
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I received a mail stating that I must pay €81 on the 10th of November and this amount is not due because I have a subscription to buses in all the Gelderland and all trips were only on the bus at regular times and I have a subscription with Breng and this error happened to me the previous month as well. Please Please cancel this payment, which is 81€


2 reacties

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It's better to remove the photo of your OV-chipcard as you've now shared all your details in a public community.

I suppose you've an NS Flex subscription combined with your bus subscription. This is often not working properly, so it's best to contact NS customer service and have the bus/tram/metro part of NS Flex disabled. Then your Breng subscription will work properly again.

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Hi M.A. Salameh and welcome to the NS Community! 
I deleted your photos because it contained your personal information. Please contact our customer service by chat, X or Facebook so you can send the proof of your contract with Breng. Beside that, it is important that you will change your NS Flex contract so you can use the NS Flex and the Breng contract on one OV-chipcard. Our customer service can do that also for you.