Error with checking out at Rotterdam Blaak

  • 24 September 2023
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I have the NS Flex Dal subscription. But when I tried to check-out at Rotterdam Blaak yesterday, I was unable to do so because of “insufficient balance”. When I went to the top-up machine I apparently had a balance of -4 EUR and had to top-up my card in order to check out. But when I took the train later between Rotterdam Centraal and Delft, everything seemed to work fine. There seemed to be a glitch in the system, but I would like to get the money I spent on the top-up back. How would I do this?


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Which Dal subscription do you have? With DalVoordeel it is perfectly possible to get a negative balance. The money you paid to top up your card is not gone, its just credit on your card now. You could go to a service desk to have it paid to you (if the credit on your card is > 0 euro now).

In case you have DalVrij and only used it to travel off-peak, you shouldn't ask for a refund of the money used to top up your card, but instead for a refund of the fare that was incorrectly charged. Best to do that by contacting the customer service.

Happened to see this post on X just before this topic, indicating there might well have been a bug in some chipcard poles / gates on stations this weekend.