• 23 September 2023
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Hello my name is Lucas and I need your help Please. On Friday 15 I’ve requested the og chipcard and also the NS FLEX and I was expecting receive it yesterday (according to the email that your company sent to me). However I did not receive and I called for NS but nobody help me and they said that I need to wait until today and I could apply again. Today I receive this email : Uw eerste factuur [factuurnummer verwijderd door moderator] staat voor u klaar in MijnNS, in het menu onder Betaaloverzicht. Het totaalbedrag van € 2,50 heeft u al betaald. So I would like to have the cupom discount to apply in my trips because I’m paying the normal fare and I should have the NS FLEX 2,50euro to pay less.

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Hi Lucaslioi and welcome to the NS Community!

If the subscription has already started, but you have not yet received an OV chip card, you can contact our customer service for discount codes. I am not sure why they couldn't help you with this. Please contract our customer service again with the information that you have paid the invoice with the invoice number. 

Hi Lorena !! Can you help me please?

Every time  when I call for NS they said that they can not do anything for me and they can’t help me with the discount 

Unfortunately, this community is where travelers help other travelers and as such, we don't access customer data. Customer service will remain your best and fastest bet, I'm afraid.