Why was I charged with a full price using my NS Flex subscription card?

  • 23 September 2023
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Hi, I am currently subscribing to NS Flex Dal Voordeel which is supposed to give me 40% on my trips during off-peak hours. However, from my account I noticed that the amount charged to my subscription account here: (Also look at the time, it’s considered off-peak hour:

Was the same as the price I had paid with a debit card, from the same place to the same destination, which did not allow for a discount (I had to pay the full price):

I noticed this happened a few times as well, when I traveled on off-peak hours with my NS card with that subscription, I was not charged with the discounted price. Could anyone enlighten me about this? How does the discounted fare work? Thanks.


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NS Flex Dal Voordeel is valid in trains, not buses, trams and metro's.

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NS Flex is valid in BTM (bus tram metro) but only gives discount for trains.

A bus ride from Zuidplein to Rietdijk costs € 1,57 but since you transferred from another bus or metro within 35 minutes, the € 1,08 starting fee is not applied.

What you see is perfectly normal, the amount is the same as when travelling with a debit card.