• 2 December 2023
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Hi. I received an email with new invoice but I haven’t been using NS since October. Could you please help me to solve that.


Beste antwoord door mrfreeze 2 December 2023, 19:21

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Hi OverLil,

You can download the invoice from Mijn NS under ‘My payments'. All costs are specified on the invoice, so it should be clear why you're being charged.

Maybe you have a subscription? Subscriptions are always continuous, so unless you cancel it you'll be charged every month.

If it's still not clear, contact Customer Service by phone (030-7515155), chat, Facebook or X. On this community fellow travellers help each other and we don't have access to your customer data.

i dont understand why am i being charge alot even novemember month i havent travel with train why my invoice is too expensive euro 56.09????

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Follow mrfreeze's instructions above: look at the detailed invoice in Mijn NS and if you can't find it, or don't understand it, contact customer service about this.