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  • 4 January 2024
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Hi , I want to ask about late payment. If I didn't pay till 9.01 , and later NS place my payment to company with take money and pay to them they will cancel my abonament or it will stay ??


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5 reacties

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If this is your first reminder don’t worry about the language in it. because more reminders will follow if you don’t pay on time.

If this is your last/final reminder, NS will cancel your subscription (if it’s NS Flex) and give the payment to a collection agency, which will add a 40 euro fee.

Best to pay on time, or have someone do that for you.

Hi,here with a proof of payment on the 3 of January.I will like a recalculation.

there is an open amount of 146


This is a public community, Vally. To get more information about these calculations you need to contact customer service.

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You probably paid for Dal Vrij and you saw the price in the widget. Ignore the widget, it is mostly wrong. Yes, this is weird. Just have a look at your bills and your bankaccount.

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This looks like a valid auto-debit payment for Dal Vrij on balance (not NS Flex). Ignore the counter in Mijn NS or the NS app.