Swapping adult day ticket to young person day ticket

  • 12 November 2021
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Dear to whom it may concern,

I am travelling on the train today and so I bought a off-peak holland travel ticket from a ticket machine in Hilversum, however, I realised once I was in Amersfoort this ticket is the wrong ticket and I was supposed to buy the young persons day ticket instead. Usually I wouldn’t have a problem I would just buy the correct ticket instead however the ticket I bought is €43 and the ticket I was supposed to buy is €7.50. As a 17 year old, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on wrong tickets especially if they are €43. Please could you help me swap my ticket to a young persons day ticket. If it is any constellation, I don’t mind paying the price from Hilversum to Amersfoort + the young persons day ticket as I already used the ticket to get there. Please help me.

Kind regards,

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I am definitely not sure that they will allow it, but you may contact Customer service. Normally a ticket cannot be cancelled after traveling from Hilversum to Amersfoort, or whatever other journey.

You cannot purchase this cheap card at a ticket machine, it is more complicated and has to be done online. Remember that this card has limitations as well.

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Frankly-any effort is wasted time+money. Certainly once a ticket has been used there is no way they will take it back.

This YPT=young persons ticket is not for sale at the machine, only via the NS-app on your fone. You always need to be able to show ID if asked at a ticket check. IF you have only a foreign fone-nr it may even not be-NS is very restrictive in what they are willing to accept.

This HTT is valid on ALL trains and also on ALL other public transit where the chipcard is used for paying.

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Filing a complaint may be useful to prove to NS that there ARE young people who use other distribution channels than the app. Very recently, they claimed that other channels are not necessary, but without providing any data on the basis of which they say this.