Bike Parking in Utrecht Cetraal

  • 6 February 2023
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I got a annual subscription to park my bike in Utrecht Centraal on Saturday. The next day I parked my bike there. There was no one at the entrance and I saw people just checked in with their NS card. I did the same and parked in a spot. However, now I am not sure whether spots are assigned and I shouldnt have just parked anywhere. Will my bike be taken?


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Welcome to our NS Community, mgpuppomartinez. There's no assigned parking, you're okay. Was there no personnel there to answer any questions you had? 

Hi Laura,

No, there was no one through the entrance I used. Just the scanners, where I checked in. Maybe because it was Sunday. Thanks for your answer. So I can park anywhere within the facility, right?

That's correct. If there are specific locations that are reserved for a certain type of bike, or if there are spots where you are not allowed to park your bike, that will be noted with signs around those spots. Otherwise, you can park it anywhere withing the facility, within the designated area's.

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With a subscription you have guaranteed parking space, so there *should* be some reserved area for subscription holders. Feel free to park your bike anywhere else, though.