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  • 11 February 2022
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It's my first time on the train and I thought I had checked out, but in the details it says "No exit is registered. What should I do to avoid paying extra fees?"

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1.wait. Often some registrations only come during the night in the system

2.MAYbe; did you use also other trains as NS? In that case its for foreigners/those not used to it a very complicated system: one has to check IN-OUT and then IN+OUT again separately for each company. If you do IN on NS and OUT on another one, you miss even 2 checks. Be very, very careful on stations with more as 1 company! depends on what type of card you hold: the blue anonymous or the yellow personal, with foto+name on.

For the blue: visit site, have card ready to fill out details

For personal with NS-subscription: mijnNS, myNS, activate it, on the site, then you can see all registrations and rectify it when needed. Also demand compensation after heavy delays. or change subscription.