off peak group Group Ticket from Rotterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Centraal, Can I get off the train at Leiden?

  • 29 March 2024
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Hi, I want to buy a off peak Group ticket from Rotterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Centraal, but I find that there are two available routes, the longer one is through Den Haag and Leiden, the shorter one is through Schiphol Airport. 

My first question is, can I take the longer route (through Den Haag and Leiden) and get off at Leiden ? 

My second question is , can I get off at Leiden at the afternoon and start again my journey to Amsterdam Centraal at the same day evening? (Even there is gate which I need to scan my e-ticket)


Thanks for help


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Yes, this is totally possible. Leiden is on a valid route Rotterdam - Amsterdam (as is Haarlem) and interrupting your journey is allowed during the date of travel.

The tickets are valid until 4.00 the next day, so even visiting a late event in Leiden and then to Amsterdam is possible.

Be aware that for the IC direct trains between Rotterdam Centraal - Schiphol Airport, a surcharge is needed 

Simply tap any contactless enabled bank/credit card (or phone or watch that allows payments) at the red ‘IC direct toeslag’ poles at the platform in Rotterdam. It costs € 1,74 (off-peak hours) but saves you about 40 minutes if you don’t need/want to travel via Den Haag and Leiden.