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  • 12 March 2023
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i am using an ov chipcard, and i checked in and out, but the amount on the card remain the same. and now i receive an invoice of my journeys that will be debited from my bank card.

why is not debited from my ov chipcard? at every journey.


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You clearly have NS Flex. With NS Flex there is no other option than to have the travel costs incurred automatically debited from your bank account every month; paying afterwards is seen as one of the perks.

Credit on the card is thus never used. If there was any credit on the card before you loaded NS Flex, then this credit will be returned to you on the invoice after the first month. If you loaded credit onto the card after loading NS Flex, then you can go to an NS service desk to have it paid out to you.

thank you very much. yes, i have ns flex.

so it would be better to delete ns flex from my ov? because i am always buy train ticket online and using e-ticket. and use my ov only for bus?

i want to understand correctly

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If you don't have any NS season ticket and never use the card for train travel with discount, then you could cancel NS Flex and use the card to travel on credit again, yes. Contact customer service directly (by phone, chat, Twitter or Facebook) to have NS Flex cancelled and don’t forget to confirm this at a ticket machine.

You could, of course, also start using the card to travel by train. Simply checking in and out is easier than having to buy an online ticket every time, I think. But the choice is yours.

i have ns flex and i use it.

i wonder if i can delete ns flex only from my ov chipcard, thus i can use my ov chipcard only for bus?

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I'm not quite sure what you mean. But you can do either of the following:

  • You can keep NS Flex and use your OV-chipcard to travel on invoice, as you have now. You can then use your card to travel in bus, tram, metro and train and all travel costs incurred will be withdrawn from your bank account automatically. There’s no need to load credit on the card.
  • You can end NS Flex and keep using the same card you have now to travel in bus, tram, metro and train. You will then need to load credit on the card before you travel, since you will pay for all your trips right away with the credit on the card. If this is what you want, contact customer service directly (by phone, chat, Twitter or Facebook) to have NS Flex cancelled and don’t forget to confirm this at a ticket machine.

I am a bit confused about why you would buy etickets to travel by train if you have an OV-chipcard, since it’s usually easier to use your OV-chipcard then. But you could of course keep buying etickets for your train journeys and only use your OV-chipcard for travel by bus.

i think i am confused, that’s why my question are confusing…

now, i have ns flex and 20 euro on my ov chipcard. if i use the card, for train and bus, it won’t get money form ov at all?

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That is right, if you have NS Flex the credit on the card is never used. At the end of the month you will get an invoice for all travel costs made and these will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

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If you loaded 20 euro on your card, you can get that back from a service desk at a station.

See (choose Servicetype = Counter services).