anonymous chip card not working

  • 9 November 2022
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My anonymous chip card stopped working suddenly and it had enough balance . How to claim the amount in the chip card

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Expired perhaps. Check the date on the card.


It’s not expired. Is there any way to get refund of the money that is loaded in the card

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Hi Sruthy

You can have your OV-chipcard checked at the service desk on the station. They can check if there is anything wrong with that card. If you want the balance back, you can also go to the service desk (if the balance is less than € 30.00) or you can print out a form on this page.

Use the form linked by @Lorena NS if your card is less then 2 years old, you’ll get the 7,50 back.



How to claim the amount online?

That's not possible. If you want any balance refunded, you'll either have to visit a service desk, or you have to physically mail the card to the OV-chipcard company. All options are listed on the website my colleague linked yesterday.

I checked and 2 service counters and they suggested to claim it online . So why is there a a different opinion now?

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I checked and 2 service counters and they suggested to claim it online . So why is there a a different opinion now?

Did they say why you should do it online?

Did they check whether your card is still OK?

Is your balance higher than €30?



It has more than 30 euro 

I'm sorry that you were informed that you could do this online, but I'm afraid that is incorrect information. The retrieval of balance from an OV-chipcard is a process from the OV-Chipcard and the options are clearly stated on their website: You can request a refund at an operator’s counter or you can print out a form which you can send to their Customer Service with the card itself. The card will then be blocked.

Perhaps the counters believed it was a personal OV-chipcard, because with a personal OV-chipcard you can opt to report the card as lost or stolen. The card will then be blocked remotely and any balance will be refunded once the block has been processed.

This is not possible with anonymous cards however.


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I assume an employee will know the difference between an anonymous card (blue) and personal card (yellow with photo) 😅

Anyway, for both types of cards the procedure is exactly the same:

If there is more than €30 on your card, you can only request a credit refund using a form.

Download that, print it, fill it in, attach your card and mail it to:

OV-chipkaart Customer Services 
Postbox 365
3800 AJ Amersfoort

You can save a stamp by mailing it to:

Klantenservice OV-chipkaart
Antwoordnummer 8000
3800 TL Amersfoort

Claiming balance online can only be done if the card has expired (less than a year ago).