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  • 26 June 2022
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When I opened my NS account, I choose the option to automatically take 10€ from my bank account when there is less than 10€ in my NS card. It’s a good option, but couple of days ago, it suddenly took 10€ for 6 times, which is 60€. 
The thing is this 60€ is not even in my NS card. 

I just have the reference code for this payments in my mobile bank.

now, my question is to whom I should report this? 


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Good afternoon Seyed navid and welcome to our Community.


The option you're referring to sounds like automatic reloading which is a service offered by OV-chipkaart. I recommend contacting them for support with this service. This is a community where travelers help each other, so If there are any queries regarding your travel history with NS, please do not hesitate to contact customer service.

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Translink/OV-chipcard had an issue with double payments in the week of 23 May.

This could be related, but should be reimbursed automatically.

See your bank statement for when the automatic reloading happened. If there was €10 loaded multiple times at exactly the same time (and location), contact them for help (0900 0980, normal tariff/rate).

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Also be aware that the withdrawals for automatic reloading aren't taking place at the exact same moment your card balance is topped up. So in case you've had the balance topped up several times in a few days, it might happen this is all withdrawn from your bank account at the same day.

But as Robert B states, the time of reloading will be mentioned in the description.