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automatic reloading of ov-chip card

  • 21 September 2023
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How can I stop the automatic reloading of 50€ to my ovchip card? And how can I see how many times my card was automatically reloaded?

Moreover, why when I travel, the money from the particular trip is not directly taken from my ov-chip card but in the end of the month I get an invoice that the fee of the travelings will be taken automatically later at some date? (I do not have any ns extra packages for cheaper traveling.)


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Hi P K,

You can stop the automatic reloading at

But you probably have an NS Flex Basis-subscription. This means the balance on your card isn't used, but all costs are automatically deducted from your bank account once a month. Usually the automatic reloading is automatically stopped when you order a Flex-subscription, so it might already be stopped. If this is the case, the balance on your card should have been returned to you on your first invoice.