• 9 August 2022
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Dear sir/ madam

I checked in Driebergen-zeist , but do to some issue it was done twice and I didn't recognize it untill the police checked my ov cheapcard.

It is not my fault and I do not know what happened to the machine that submitted check in and out in the same time. So how I can correct it and won't pay 50 Euro as a fine?

I also have a subscription to travel for free during off peak hours and my journey was i this time!


Thanks for your help.


Best regards,

Fereshteh Mahzonghadiri


Beste antwoord door Tamzin 9 August 2022, 04:24

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You checked in and then immediately checked out at another machine (not possible at the same machine). Why is not clear but you write yourself "due to some issue", so you might be aware why.

Anyhow you were not checked-in during your trip and therefore you got a fine of €50 when your ticket was inspected.

You can contact customer service. If this is the first time they may be willing to correct things. If it's not the first time I'm afraid you will have to pay.