Hoeveel fietsen kan ik parkeren met één ov-chipkaart?

  • 26 February 2024
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Hi I am commuting from Utrecht to Nijmegen and return and I leave one bike at Utrecht in ov fietsstallingen and I have one bike I like to leave in Nijmegen. Can I check in and out both bikes at the same day with the same ov chipkaart? So Utrecht check in go to work to Nijmegen take bike out from station check out go to work. End work with bike to Nijmegen station check in leaving bike there going back to Utrecht and then check out second bike to get home? All bikes are my own bikes. I own two, on e in Utrecht and one in Nijmegen. No OVfiets


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Hi Sam82td and welcome to our NS Community!

It is possible to have multiple transactions open at the same time. It shouldn't be a problem for you to be checked in with two bicycles in different storages.