How do i pay my previous debt

  • 10 December 2021
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How do i pay my previous debt, iit is due today an amount of 205.36 euros and i downloaded the invoice but i dont know the iban number can you help me and tell me the IBAN number

4 reacties

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You need to contact Customer service. There may be different situations.

it is the debt of the previous month and i have received a lletter saying i have to pay but i dont know to what IBAN number i shall send the money to in order to pay my debt please help

Hi Muse97,

As Thom has already stated, please contact our customer service. They can help you by looking into this!

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There is a (yellow) ‘acceptgiro’ attached to the letter that has the IBAN and a 16 digit number, which is the ‘betalingskenmerk’ (payment code) and needs to be specified in your payment.