how to get ov chipkaart and invoice

  • 27 January 2022
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Hello, I ordered a NS Flex Dal Voordeel a week ago (Jan 18), and I still havent received an ov-chipkaart. On the homepage it says it will arrive in 5 working days, but i still haven't received it, and the starting date (Ingangsdatum) was Jan 25, which is already passed. I wonder what happened.

Also, In my NS account, it says that i dont have any product and invoices, but I clearly paid 5.10 euros in the 18th.

Can you tell me what’s wrong?


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Hello Dahyun, welcome at our community,


Unfortunately, I can't tell you what's going wrong. The card is not a product of us. You may reach the OV-chipkaart customer service with this question. Their number is 0900 0980.

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The €5,10 is the monthly price for ´DalVoordeel= offpeak discount. This you have to pay advance=before or at day 1 of the running month.

There is a possibility to get refund if the card was delivered late, fir this also contact the service centre.

The reason may be an incomplete adress (here in NL you always have to state the full postal code=4 digits+ 2 letters), but more likely is the current very high level of non-working people due to covid. This also means many trains are cancelled etc.